Company History

The predecessor of our company was established with name Multilogic Ltd. in 1986 by SZKI and SZÁMALK, the two dominant insitutes of that era. The core activity of the company was development of commercial artificial intelligence base software products, the most important ones are the CS-PROLOG (Communicating Sequential PROLOG) interpreter and compiler for uni- and muliprocessor computers, as well as the ALL-EX PLUS frame based expert system shell. Our base software products have been placed on market in 15 countries.

ML Consulting and Computing Ltd. was established in 1994 by private individuals from the colleagues of the expired Multilogic Ltd. and continued its professional activities (in June 2003 the company was renamed to Multilogic Consulting and Computing Ltd. again). Because of the liberalisation of IT market the development of artificial intelligence base software products had been gradually decreased, the business IT applications created on individual order had been increased besides the former activities. In recent years we had consulting and development experiences mainly in the following fields:

  • Credit rating, risk management, financial analysis
  • Intelligent IT systems
  • Electronic marketplaces, internet portals, electronic public procurement

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