R&D Projects


Emerald – Integrated legal modelling framework

Granted by: New Széchenyi Plan Central Hungary Operational Programme (Emerald, KMOP-2009-1.1.1-09/1-2009-0035)
Project period: 2010-2012

Emerald is an integrated environment which supports annotating and modelling legal source texts, as well as developing dialogue applications built on the annotated source text and legal model. It is capable for processing both law and company rules. Emerald is built on the open-source Eclipse technology and W3C semantic web standards. During the project the system proved successful in modelling tax law and business rules of a big company. Emerald is capable to support analysing effects of law changes, cretaing intelligent form-based CRM systems as well as building intelligent portals for citizens.



Granted by: EU (Estrella, IST-2004-027655)
Project period: 2006 - 2008

The international Estrella project  aimed to develop and validate an open, standards-based platform allowing public administrations to develop and deploy comprehensive legal knowledge management solutions, without becoming dependent on proprietary products of particular vendors.  The solution supports, in an integrated way, both legal document management and legal knowledge-based systems. The main technical objectives of the project were to develop a Legal Knowledge Interchange Format (LKIF), building upon emerging XML-based standards of the Semantic Web, including RDF and OWL, and Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) for interacting with legal knowledge-based systems. To demonstrate and validate the Estrella platform, European tax related legislation and national tax legislation of two European countries were modelled and used in the pilot applications. The Hungarian participants of the project were the Corvinus University responsible for IT development and Hungarian Tax and Financial Control Administration (APEH) responsible for modelling and testing legal pilot applications. Our company took part in the IT development as a subcontractor of Corvinus University.



Granted by: National Development Plan Economic Competitiveness Operatinal Programme (Pythia, GVOP-3.3.3-05/1.-2005-05-0046/3.0)
Project period: 2006 - 2007

In the project named Pythia we developed a project planning and decision-supporting system for software intensive projects and projects creating mission critical systems. The project management system supports forecasting necessary resources, finding critical paths and optimising human resources.



Granted by: EUREKA (HPPC-SEA, 1063)
Project period: 1993 - 1999

We took part in the HPPC-SEA (High Performance Parallel Computing Software Engineering and Application) EUREKA project – granted by 52 million ECU – as a founder consortium member. The project aimed at creating a multiprocessor distributed software plaform (CASE tool) capable for program development which supports converting uniprocessor applications to distributed multiprocessor applications.


Modelling and Prototyping of a Clinical Support System

Granted by: ESPRIT (MOPPS, IC-1020)
Project period: 1994 - 1995

We took part in the MOPPS project within the ESPRIT program supporting IT R&D projects of EU. In this project we developed with Italian partners the Clinical Support Services (CSS) module of an integrated hospital information system for the Jósa András Hospital, Nyíregyháza. Furthermore the project aimed at elaborating a consistent technical and organisational methodology which makes possible to introduce hospital information system in Hungarian hospitals.


HyNet Hypermedia Networking

Granted by: INCO-COPERNICUS (Hynet, COP 1249)
Project period: 1995 - 1998

The HyNet project aimed at elaborating the technical specification and implementing an XML-based publishing system with participation of Italian, Hungarian and Romanian consortial partners which produces both CD-ROM products and Internet content from source documents containing textual and multimedia elements.



Granted by: INCO-COPERNICUS (ExperNet, COP 960114)
Project period: 1997 - 1998

We took part in the ExperNet (A distributed Expert System for the Management of the National Network of Ukraine) project which aimed at developing an intelligent experimental monitoring system of Ukrainian National Computer Network. Our company developed the base software (CS-PROLOG II) of the system.


Common IT system of National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (ÁNTSZ) and Hungarian Labor Inspectorate (OMMF)

Granted by: PHARE
Project period: 1996 - 1998

In 1996 we won a PHARE international tender as the prime contractor – together with Dutch and English subcontractors – for planning and partly realising the common IT system of ÁNTSZ and OMMF which successfully closed in 1998.


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