IT Consulting

Our company offers consulting services in the complete life cycle of business projects, from requirements through implementation until supporting the running system. As IT consultants we try to offer solutions best suitable for our clients, considering quality requirements, cost efficiency and knowledge transfer.

Project management

We provide professional project management support for software development projects. We offer our project management experiences mainly on the client side of IT projects for our clients. The support can involve the initial requirements analysis and/or tendering as well. During the project we provide planning, control, quality management and risk management of project activities. During the execution of the project we keep in touch with subcontractors. Our consultants have many years experiences in handling complex project sas well.

IT strategy creation

In favour of realisation of our clients’ business goals – knowing our clients’ business strategy, current position and expectations – we make a proposal on the IT strategy to be followed. The evolved strategy involves the information and company resource utilisation plan in accordance with the company’s business plan. During the creation of strategy we make a proposal on IT support as well.

Deployment planning, training planning and training

The proper preparation is indispensable for successful deployment of the project. During the deployment planning we offer preparation of clients’ organisation for the sake of smooth application of new solutions and technologies. Furthermore we undertake to elaborate training programs in accordance with our clients’ goals, IT team and end-users’ abilities, as well as to organise and implement these training courses.


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